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Judaism teaches that every person has a purpose and a role in the world, and that everyone has received the appropriately fitting tools and qualities to realize that purpose.

The verse in the Book of Deuteronomy in Parashat Vezot Haberachah [Chapter 3, verse 18]: “Of Zebulun he said: Rejoice, O Zebulun, in your excursions, and Issachar in your tents.” Rashi brings forth the Midrash explanation – Issachar and Zebulun made a partnership, “Zebulun to the seaside shall dwell” – and go out to the parchment [trade] in ships and get drunk – and put into Issachar’s mouth, and they [Issachar] sit and engage in the Torah, therefore [Moses] preceded Zebulun to Issachar – that Issachar’s teaching by Zebulun was, and also quoted in Halacha.

And he who is unable to learn – because he does not know how to learn, or because of the worries of time – will suffice [will materially support] the other learners – and will consider himself as if he is learning himself.

As the sages explained in the verse:
“Zebulun rejoiced at your going out and Issachar in the process”

The urgent and important national mission of our generation is to strengthen the Jewish consciousness and stop cultural and practical assimilation. The only way to do this is to teach the depth and beauty of Judaism, to show its wisdom and power, and thus to restore the trust of the Jews in their glorious heritage.

We read and offer to everyone that it is important to him and close to his heart and has the financial and organizational ability, to organize – lectures, seminars, sabbaticals – in every Jewish community and kibbutz in Israel and around the world, and it was his part and right in this world and the next.

Those interested in contributing and volunteering for this important task can contact Rabbi Yinon who will be happy to come and deliver – workshops, lectures, seminars, sabbaticals – wherever there is a demand for it.